​​​A​S​P I​Elutely Fabulous​​

​​​Our services

We are happy to tailor our training and other services to meet your specific requirements with our bespoke service.

Here are some examples of the besoke services we can provide:
·        Lectures and formal teaching for larger groups
·        Small group workshops
·        Seminars
·        Conference speaking
·        Supervision (1-1 or group)
·        Consultation
·        Awareness raising sessions
·        Mandatory training and CPD (Continued Professional Development)

Other services are also available, if you would prefer you can book a place or places on one of our existing half day training courses which can be attended as a stand-alone course or fitted together to provide a more in depth package.
Our training courses cover the following areas:
·        Understanding autism
·        Autism and Communication
·        Autism in Girls and Women
·        Autism and Sensory Processing
·        Demand Avoidance in Autism (PDA)
·        Autism Support Strategies
         ...to name but a few.

If you would like to find out more about the exsisting topics we cover or can cover specially for you and services we provide please leave a message via our contact form or phone and one of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Who are our courses for?

Our courses and training packages are for anyone who would like to understand more about autism
from a joint autistic and clinical perspective.

You might be:
·        An autistic person or group
·        A service provider
·        A charity or community organisation
·        A school, college or other educational establishment
·        Statutory services
·        Carers or families
·        An organisation employing autistic people